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Tank Fuel Solutions, LLC is an industry leader in offering reliable and trusted fuel restoration and tank cleaning services. We specialize in reconditioning, stabilizing, and decontaminating diesel, biofuels, light oils, and hydraulic fluids, and we even remove water, sediment, and sludge that naturally build up and clog tanks. We also clean tanks and work hard to restore fuel to its "clear and bright" pristine condition without ever entering the tank itself. Other specialties include gasoline fuel cleaning, filtering, and water removal, and we help prevent and control phase separation in ethanol fuels.


Tank & Fuel Solutions, LLC has more than 50 years of combined experience, and we're certified and licensed to meet our customers' needs. Of that experience, more than 30 years have been spent specializing in fuel management system software, installation, operations, and maintenance. We also spent more than 28 years specializing in electrical and electronic service and installation and general field maintenance, including tank installation, tank repairs and cleaning, running electrical wire and fuel lines, installing and repairing computerized equipment, pouring concrete, laying pipe, digging ditches, welding, reading schematics, and operating industrial machinery.


At Tank & Fuel Solutions, LLC, we value providing safe, dependable services and always operate with integrity. We also respect our customers' privacy, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all customer information is kept confidential.

Licensing & Certifications

We are licensed by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to install, remove, repair, maintain, and consult on above ground storage tanks within the state of Oklahoma. In addition, Tank & Fuel Solutions, LLC has the following licenses and certifications:

  Hasstech ACURITE Pipeline Tester - Line Testing Methods, 3421.LTN

  TERO Certified

  AGC OSHA Safety Training

  PETCON - How to Comply with Oklahoma Above ground Storage Tank Regulations


What Sets Us Apart

Tank & Fuel Solutions, LLC is a Native American-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned small business that works with a number of different industries, including hospitals, data centers, banks, power stations, truck stops, airports, and casinos, just to name a few.

At Tank & Fuel Solutions, LLC, our goal is to provide superior services to industries of all kinds so we can build customer relationships that will last for years. Email us today or request a quote.

Our Team

Johnny Wells, Owner - Manager of Tank and Fuel Solutions LLC

A Certified Specialist Technician bringing the highest quality of services and knowledge; specializing in fuel polishing, fuel cleaning and fuel maintenance using the top filtration systems in the industry; and over 30 years' petroleum experience in fuel equipment maintenance, repair, installation and testing.
Phone:  918-960-4361

Jacob Ragsdale

A Certified Field Technician bringing over 10 years' exceptional experience in the petroleum industry; specialized in line-testing, fuel equipment installation, maintenance and repair; and tank cleaning and fuel polishing.
Phone:  918-960-4338

We are constantly working to make sure we provide our customers with the highest quality of products and services in the industry, at the best price, so go to the Home Page to contact us or request a quote.