Tank & Fuel Solutions, LLC is licensed by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to install, remove, maintain, repair, and consult on above ground storage tanks in the state of Oklahoma. We are also certified for line and leak detector testing, and we have the following licenses and certifications:

Hasstech ACURITE Pipeline Tester - Line Testing Methods, 3421.LTN

TERO Certified

AGC OSHA Safety Training

PETCON - How to Comply with Oklahoma Aboveground Storage Tank Regulations

Because of our many licenses and certifications, we're able to offer the highest-quality services around. Don't believe us? Check out our impressive list of NAICS codes on the Capabilities and Services page. As for our services, we're proud to offer a variety to suit the needs of customers across a wide array of industries. For example, we specialize in stabilizing, reconditioning, and decontaminating biofuels, diesel, light oils, and hydraulic fluids, and we will remove the water, sediment, and sludge that naturally accumulate in tanks. We also clean tanks and restore fuel to pristine conditions without having to enter the tanks. Additionally, we offer gasoline fuel cleaning and filtering, and we can prevent and control phase separation in ethanol fuels.

For more details, check out our comprehensive service list below. We're also happy to discuss other services.


Industrial & Commercial Petroleum Tanks

Related Commercial & Industrial Equipment

Installation and Removal

Commercial & Industrial Fuel Tanks

Fuel Equipment

Fuel Tank Repair

Fuel Tank Repair

Fuel Equipment Repair

Fuel Polishing

Mostly Diesel Fuel Polishing to Bring It Back to a Certain ISO Level

Light Oils


Mobile Fuel and Tank Cleaning System

  Recondition, Stabilize, and Decontaminate Diesel, Biofuels,

Light Oils, and Hydraulic Fluid

 Help Prevent & Control Phase Separation in Ethanol Fuels

 Diesel/Gasoline Fuel Cleaning

 Diesel/Gas Fuel Filtering

 Remove Water Sediment and Sludge (Diesel & Gasoline)

 Microbial Decontamination and Water Removal (Primarily Diesel, but also Gasoline)

 Biocides and Fuel Treatments

 Fuel & Oil Remediation - Proper Disposal

 Water Removal & Disposal

 Tank Cleaning


 Certified Line & Link Detector Testing (Product Line Testing)

 Fuel Testing

 Fuel Sampling

 Culture Test

 Complete Certified Fuel Report

Tank Inspection

 Inspection of all caps, vents, and openings to ensure sufficient seal against water and dust

 Fuel samples taken from bottom of tanks to test for bacterial and fungal activity and visual clarity and color


Custom Complete Tank and Fuel Quality Maintenance Plan

Tank Inspection

Fuel Sampling

Culture Test

Complete Certified Fuel Report

Fuel Filtering

Fuel Monitoring (Repair)

Water Removal

Diesel Maintenance

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)


Tank Corrosion Issues


We offer consulting services at the customer's location. We oversee work as a licensed professional. Email us today or request a quote